What Should You Do Before You Check Into A Hotel Room?

A hotel room, whether fancy or not, has housed many persons before you. And though the cleaning staff would take extra trouble to make sure the place is neat and in order for the next guest, the chances are they might miss one thing or other. And so it is your duty to do a thorough check before jumping on that fluffy bouncy hotel bed and sleeping away the jetlag. Here are a couple things you should be on the lookout for.  


You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night or the next morning with red spots all over your body do you? Especially if you have somewhere important to be the next day. So the ideal thing to do would be to carry out your own search for bedbugs. Though you may not find these in a fancy hong kong sea view hotel booking, there could be chances where if you were on a low-key budgeted stay at a cheap motel, you would come across these in the beds.  So check the mattress, the head board and the entire bed well. Look for little brown stains that are actually dried blood that are results of these bugs sucking on their victims. Check the sheets and duvets too. It never hurts to be extra careful!  sea view hotel hong kong

Secret Hideouts 

You certainly don’t want anyone spying on you nor do you want anything jumping out on you, so it would be in your best interest to once again check the entire place and look for potential locations there could be a secret hiding spot. It could be under the desks, within the walls, or maybe even behind a picture frame! After all, don’t they say that the eyes in the pictures move, at least according to most detective stories that is. So go ahead look and check the entire place beforehand to avoid having to face unwanted and unexpected encounters. Even if you made hong kong hotel booking online, you never know what the actual place looks like till you get there. The pictures posted sure can be deceiving. And once you do that and the place meets your expectations, still, it wouldn’t hurt to be extra cautious. So bring out the Sherlock in you and check, check, check!  

The Temp Settings 

Another thing you need to check is the overall temperature settings within the room. You wouldn’t want to freeze through the night nor would you want to burn up either. So check if the heater and air conditioner works well. Trying turning it on and off just to see if it works fine. And if it doesn’t don’t hesitate to call for help.  

There are other tips like not really using the comforter provided, because unlike bedsheets washing these are a hassle and so some places choose not to wash them at all. And you have no idea that you are using something that hasn’t been washed for ages! So look and check for things well, before you crash on to that bouncy water bed in any place!